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10 Things to Know Before Moving to Canada

by Richard .

Are you making plans to migrate to Canada for different purposes like education, business, visitation, tourism, internship, etc? It is important to be familiar with certain things before you start applying for a Canada visa and job hunting. The more things you know, the more you will think reasonably in making wise decisions. If you are eager to travel to Canada, the article has things to know to influence your immigration experience. 

Things to Know Before Moving to Canada

These are key things to know in your journey to Canada:


1. Canada Accepts Immigrants:

After the lockdown in November 2020, the Immigration, and Refugee Council Canada revealed its immigration plan for the next three consecutive years for foreigners. The Canadian government is ready to receive over 1.2 million immigrants to become a permanent resident in the last quarter of 2024. The major target is to have 25% and above compared to its previous years.

The Canadian government is using this means to find both skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers in their country. Canada has an aging population and low birth rate issues. Many young Canadians migrate after their education and leave the aged population in the labor force. It is the second-largest country in the world and is the twice amount of the German population.

2. The Country has Over Visa Immigration Programs:

These numerous Canadian immigration programs such as the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Express Entry System, Family sponsorship, the student visa program, and many others. These programs make it easier for the Canadian government to welcome skilled, semi-skilled, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs into their country.

The IRCC is the figurehead of Canadian immigration, but the provincial government is capable of helping immigrants to become residents. It is best to understand their different options when you are applying for Canadian permanent residency to ease the application process and keep you on the right path.

3. It has Four Seasons:

The country is known to have four different seasons depending on the region or province in Canada. During the Winter season, some places might be extremely cold compared to others. In January, the average daytime temperature is -0.7°C during the day, and -6.7°C at night. During this period, there is a huge amount of snow, frozen lakes, ponds for ice skating, French Canadian pea soups, etc.

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In the Spring Season, the country warms melting the snow away, while plants turn green. The summer season comes up with a mild sun, and everyone is happy engaging in one activity or the other. Summer is usually short-lived especially when you are occupied with different things to notice the passage of time.


4. It is not Every Service that is Free:

In Canada, the government has funded some services for them such as education, healthcare, insurance, social services, etc. On the other hand, you should keep it in the back of your mind that everything isn’t free. It is possible to get a doctor’s consultation without paying any dime but pay for prescribed medication. However, the province you are residing in might cover certain medications.

Canadian education has different systems in place from public to private institutions. Public education is accessible to every Canadian citizen below 18 years old. International students will pay their tuition fees, but their universities come with a subsidized fee to offer opportunities to people from different backgrounds to pursue their goals by obtaining a quality education.

5. Migrating to Canada Could be Expensive:

Your immigration budget is one of the things to know before moving to Canada. The major cities in this country are Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, which have lots of opportunities, but their standard of living is high compared to other minor provinces. For instance, if you want to find accommodation in highbrow areas, it will cost you more money on transportation and feeding.

It is advisable to carry out calculations before making any expenditure because each province has its value-added tax rates. For instance, Indian citizens migrating from their country to Canada will spend more money on feeding and buying groceries, but they will earn money to cater to their new standard of living.

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6. It is a Multicultural Country:

In 2019, it was discovered that 21% of the Canadian population are foreigners. The country has a target to welcome 400,000 immigrants annually, and it implies the population will grow by 1% each year. As a result, it has led to the integration of diverse people in the country. You can board a train to travel to different provinces to experience this different diversity.

The Canadian government offers equal treatment to both its citizens and foreigners. It is one of the key things that have encouraged foreigners to apply for Canadian permanent residency. No matter the kind of job, wealth, or position everyone is entitled to the same opportunities. Also, this right and freedom cross throughout gender, race, and sexual orientation.

7. Credit Score is Important:

Your home country card will act as proof for you to request bank loans or buy properties and pay later. If you have no credit card score, but you want to buy things like a building or car, you will need to apply for a credit card to build your credit card score. After this, you can pay your credit card off, but it will affect your credit card negatively.

It is advisable to fund many things like internet, utilities, mobile phone contracts, etc. If you could pay these bills before they expire, you will have a good credit card score. Having different sources for credit cards builds your credit card score rapidly. It is best to carry out deep research before taking any credit you can’t pay.

8. Canada Loves Food and Maple Syrup

It won’t take you long to know that Canadian citizens like food and maple syrup. Many restaurants have maple syrup for adding spice to their meals. Therefore, you will need to get used to their meals. On the other hand, if you want to have a taste of your home country’s meal, you can visit their market or restaurants to place an order.

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A perfect meal is Poutine and many Canadians are fond of eating it because it comprises hand-cut chips. A bite will make you crave for more. If you like trying new things, you can give yourself a perfect treat by adding it to your meal.

9. Work Permit is Important in Securing Jobs:

If you are migrating to Canada, you will need to apply for a Canadian work permit or work visa to work in the country. The only citizen eligible to work in Canada without any work permit are permanent residents, but temporary citizens will get their work permits. It is not advisable to work as a temporary resident with no visa because you will be deported to your home country.

Some Canadian employers take their time to apply for a work visa for their foreign workers especially when there is no Canadian citizen to fill the vacant position. When you have skills, working in Canada becomes easier because there will be employers ready to hire you for your services.

10. Passionate About Ice Hockey:

It is one of the sports Canadian citizens love both young and aged ones. When the fields are filled with snow, they use the frozen lakes and ponds to play ice hockey. As a foreigner, you can learn the rules of the game and play with your friend. Also, whenever there is an ongoing ice hockey competition, the entire Canadian TV station will broadcast it.


Migrating to Canada requires you to know certain things to ease your immigration process. If you don’t know anything about the country, you can take your time to read this article to have key information about Canada.

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