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15 Top-rated Attractions & Things To Do In Mississauga

by Richard .

Since time immemorial, Mississauga was referred to in people’s minds as a bedroom community in Toronto. Well, gone are those days. The present Mississauga is vibrant and driven by a multicultural population, thoughtful urban planning, and has a substantial selection of things to do.

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Ensure you look towards the sky when you visit – as there is an impressive skyline of architecturally stunning buildings, which the Absolute World Towers and City Hall aren’t exempted.

Do you love shopping? If yes, hit Square One Mall. Is nature your thing? Head to Rattray Marsh in Ontario! Do you have a bike and want to explore more? Attend the Waterfront Trail past Mississauga’s best parks and beaches! Do you mind a bit of patio action by the lake? Go to Port Credit and secure a table and get prepared for a session of people watching.

The city is large and widespread, but most of the main tourist attractions are close to each other, so coming across more than one is easy(kill two birds with a stone). Continue reading, as I have put together in this blog post, “the best things to do in Mississauga.”

PS: Some businesses may be temporarily shut down because of the current global health and safety issues.

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Attractions & Things To Do In Mississauga

15. Visit Port Credit

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Port Credit occupies an enviable stance on Lake Ontario on the southern verge of Mississauga. This bustling region, which was once a small city of its own before amalgamation, is the place to visit if you wish to be by the waterside.


14. Shop at Square One Mall

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Square One, the first large-scale mall in Canada, has been established for almost 50 years now. It is among Canada’s largest malls. For a few decades now, One Square has evolved and grown and is currently the premier destination in Mississauga for shopping.

13. Visit Jack Darling Memorial Park

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Mississauga consists of over 500 parks, and Jack Darling Memorial Park is topping the list of favorites. It is situated on Lake Ontario, and this large park has almost everything

everyone might need on tour; there you enjoy Beaches and Picnics.

12. Attend Celebration Square

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The most popular urban gathering spot in Mississauga is Celebration Square. You can find it at the City Hall.

11. Downtown Streetsville

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You’ll find this awesome tourist venue in the northern echelons of Mississauga; the delightful town of Streetsville, similar to Port Credit, was once a stand-alone city.

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10. Tour Rattray Marsh

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Among the hidden natural areas of Mississauga is Rattray Marsh, a place worth checking out. You’ll find it in the southwestern region of the city along Lake Ontario;

9. Kariya Park

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Among the most peaceful and serene parks in Mississauga is Kariya Park, beautified by tall wooden fences; the park is a refuge of calm and quiet in the center of a busy city.

8. Walk or Ride A Bike along the Waterfront Trail

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Mississauga has a widespread waterfront that includes both parks and private property. Among the easiest ways to explore is by walking or riding a bike along the Waterfront Trail.

7. Erindale Park

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It has very wide-open spaces, wonderful walking and biking trails, and five group picnic sites. However, the access to Credit River in the park is the real star of the show.

6. Art Gallery of Mississauga

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It is among the top cultural hot spots in the city. A stellar showcase of regularly changing exhibits is curated from the gallery’s permanent collection in this space.

5. Lakefront Promenade Park

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It’s the number one thing that draws the residents of Mississauga to the shores of Lake Ontario by the thousands on warm summer days.

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4. Bradley Museum

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Are you probably looking to do something in town on a rainy day, or are you interested in learning more about the history of the early settlers in the Mississauga area? Swinging by the Bradley Museum Complex is another best and yet interesting thing to do in Mississauga.

3. Benares Historic House

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In the middle of an average area of pleasant homes, you’ll find this is a jewel of a residence, and it’s been that way since 1853.

2. Adamson Estate

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You may stop at the Adamson Estate while paying a visit to the Lakefront Promenade Park. This 13.2-acre waterfront park is a quiet place that has pleasant views out over Lake Ontario.

1. Fo Guang Shan Temple

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It is located near Streetsville in northwestern Mississauga. The building has a large prayer hall with five Buddhas surrounded by lanterns.

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