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2023 for study in Korea Scholarships for International Students through Global Korea

by Victor

2023 for study in Korea Scholarships for International Students through Global Korea

The Global Korea Scholarship initiative of the Korean government will attract foreign students who want to study for undergraduate degrees in Korea starting in 2023.


The fellowship aims to foster the development of global leaders, establish international networks supportive of Korea, and give overseas students the chance to pursue advanced studies at higher education institutions in Korea.

The Korean government extends invitations to 125 foreign students from 67 different nations who aspire to study for a bachelor’s degree there. Any candidate must successfully complete the first screening procedure established by the Korean Embassy of his or her place of origin in order to be chosen as a GKS recipient.

Scholarship Summary

  • Host Country: Korea
  • Study Abroad: Study in Asia
  • Category: Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Eligible Countries: All Countries
  • Reward: Full Scholarship | Accommodation | Airfare | Monthly Stipends
  • Deadline: October 2022

Scholarship Quota:

[Embassy Track]
Korean government invites 81 international students.

– General: 74 scholars
– Overseas Koreans: 7 scholars

[University Track]
Korean government invites 119* international students.

* <Quota>
– Regional University: 49 scholars
– Associate Degree : 15 scholars
– UIC Program: 55 scholars


[Embassy Track & University Track]
Please contact the first ground of selection organizations(embassy or university) to get detailed information regarding the application submission such as application deadline, required documents, interview and etc. Application submission deadline may differ by each embassy or university that conducts the first round of selection.

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Conditions for Scholarships:

To be eligible for the Korean Government Scholarship:


  • Candidates and their parents must hold non-Korean citizenship.


  • KGSP-G: under 40
  • KGSP-U: under 25


  • Candidates must be physically and mentally healthy for their studies in Korea.

Degree Requirements

  • KGSP-G: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • KGSP-U: High school diploma


  • The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) must be 80% or higher; or
  • The CGPA must be 2.64/ 4.0, 2.80/ 4.3, 2.91/ 4.5, or 3.23/ 5.0 or higher.

Scholarship Length and Compensation

  •  Flight
  • Tuition
  • Stipend
  • Medical Insurance
  • Settlement Allowance
  • Completion Grants

application method

  • NIIED invites the Korean Embassy in the invited country or a domestic university to recommend potential candidates.
  • Applicants should submit all documents related to their scholarship application to the Korean Embassy in their country of residence to or the domestic university concerned.
  • The Korean Embassy or the domestic university sends proper candidates to NIIED with the required documents.
  • NIIED evaluates potential candidates and notifies the Korean Embassy of the final selected KGSP grantees.

Method of Application

Interested and qualified applicants should pay attention to the embassy or the university he or she is applying through. Each embassy and university has their own application deadline, so applicants must check with the respective institute before submitting application

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The documents below is an important guide for a successful application.

2023 GKS-U Application Guidelines (English).pdf [707232 byte]
2023 GKS-U Application Forms.docx [103519 byte]
2023 GKS-U University Information.zip [16376836 byte]
2023 GKS-U Application Guidelines (Korean).pdf [853767 byte]
2023 GKS-U Promotion Poster.pdf [14924687 byte]

Deadline: October 2022

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