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6 Best Ski Resorts In Alberta

by Richard .

Alberta is a place for various types of skiers. Big mountain lovers will adore the long cruising runs of the Rockies in locations such as Lake Louise and Sunshine. On the other hand, smaller mountain enthusiasts enjoy the cozy atmosphere of locales like Marmot Basin and Castle. Northern, eastern Alberta residents and families will like the smaller hills near Edmonton, Red Deer, and Elkwater.

Most of the competitive winter sport(skiing) is usually held in the western sections of the province in the Rocky Mountains. These lofty mountains are high enough to catch the frequent come across British Columbia and Washington State.


Whistler, the temperatures in the depths of January and February can be bone-chillingly cold and the days short, unlike the coastal resorts in British Columbia. Try to make it in March whenever you plan your trip, which generally co-occurs with warmer, sunnier, and longer days with the best snow.

Ski Resorts In Alberta

Driving from Calgary in the Banff/Lake Louise area, most big mountains are just two-hour journeys.

PS: There are many resorts located in national parks, and you’ll need a daily or yearly pass to access the park.

PS: Because of the current global health and safety issues, some businesses might have been temporarily shut down at the moment by their CEOs.

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1. Lake Louise Ski Resort

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The number one I would recommend is Lake Louise, which has long been known for being among the best ski resorts in Alberta. Also, it is home to many of the men’s and women’s World Cup ski events over the years; the mountain has some international cachet and all the terrain you could imagine.


Official site: https://www.skilouise.com/

2. Banff Sunshine Village

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To me, the second to Banff Sunshine Village is Lake Louise Ski Resort, which is a favorite alpine ski destination for its sheer size and variety. Set high in the Rockies, much of the resort is beyond the tree line to make wide-open winter sport. On a good day, the majority of skiers concluded that there was no better place to be, combining that with over 30 feet of light, furry snow every year and the longest summer of any Alberta ski resort, and there’s much to like here.

Banff Sunshine Village official website: https://www.skibanff.com/

3. Mount Norquay Ski Resort

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You’ll find Mount Norquay Ski Resort at the edge of the Banff townsite. This low-key ski resort flies below the radar; that’s ideally okay for those who like to participate in the winter sport. A few lower than half the races are rated as difficult or expert; however, it gives easier runs to cater to novices and amateurs. The atmosphere here is calm and relaxed, PLUS the lift lines are rarely an issue.

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Official website: https://banffnorquay.com/

4. Nakiska Ski Area

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Nakiska resort, which is situated in Kananaskis Country, is one of the closest resorts to Calgary. This friendly ski resort is mainly an intermediate ski hill, with 72 percent of the runs classified as blue, 59 percent, or green, 13 percent. It’s also a great resort to learn how to ski if you are a beginner because it houses a well-regarded ski school with well-trained tutors.

Official website: https://skinakiska.com/

5. Castle Mountain Resort

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This wonderful mountain resort is located in the southwestern part of the province; Castle Mountain is among Alberta’s undiscovered gems. Smaller in size but delivering massive terrain and challenge, this resort is worth driving to the Pincher Creek area. The resort is presently managed locally by 200 main shareholders, and the aim here is skiing and having a good time.

Official website: https://www.skicastle.ca/

6. Marmot Basin

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Marmot Basin is kind of far from other resorts; it’s situated on its; up near Jasper is the often overlooked Marmot Basin ski resort. It is also a smaller resort with the highest base elevation in Alberta at 5,570 feet, which helps facilitate a nice long season from November to May. On average, the Marmot Basin receives almost 15 feet of light, dry, fluffy snow every year, and with few crowds, the fresh snow dwells untracked longer than many other resorts.

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Official website: https://www.skimarmot.com/

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