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Benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa in 2022

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Many immigrants refer to Canada as ‘Paradise for Immigrants’. Each year, the country increases its annual immigration budget. Its citizens are known for welcoming visitors or foreigners into their land. In terms of the immigration process, they have different Express Entry Programs to allow individuals to relocate to Canada and settle down permanently. It is left to choose the one you have the right criteria. Let’s get to know how to enter Canada and get PR Vida.

Ways of Getting a PR Visa in 2022

We have diverse ways to get this Permanent Residence Visa in Canada, and here are some:

  • Canada Express Entry:

It is one of the most recognized methods or programs for people wanting to migrate from their home country to Canada. It uses a point system to select skilled or semi-skilled workers to obtain Canada Permanent Residence Visa. The only way to apply for this Canada Express Entry Program is by creating an online profile for yourself and endeavoring to meet its eligibility criteria.

  • Provincial Nominee Program:

If you desire to dwell in a specific territory or province, you can apply for their Provincial Nominee Program. Canada has diverse provinces, and it is through this program that will determine where you will stay when you migrate to Canada. Each of these Canadian provinces has its eligibility criteria for its selection. Therefore, it is advisable to check the program that you fit its criteria. Some of these programs are Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, Nova Scotia Nominee Program, Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, etc. 

  • Self-Employed Persons Program:

The program is for self-employed individuals that meet certain criteria. Also, you may be eligible to apply for a Canada Permanent Residence Visa via the Self Employed Persons Program. It is compulsory to have relevant experience in cultural activities and be willing to contribute to the cultural life of Canada. It is good to note that your experience will be relevant if you have joined any cultural activities at a world-class level or are self-employed in any cultural activities.

  • Work Permits:
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If you aim to work and live in Canada, then you will need to apply for a work permit. This work permit has its expiry date and they grant you an opportunity to work in a particular occupation. You have to secure a job from a Canadian employer before you can apply for this work permit. If you reside in Canada with a study permit or student visa, you will need a work permit to work in Canada. Presently, Canada is accepting skilled or semi-skilled foreigners with work experience in their fields.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Resident Visa in 2022

There are diverse benefits of getting a Canada Permanent Resident Visa in 2022. When you have this PR Visa, it makes it easier for you to enjoy other opportunities that temporary residents don’t have and we will see these different benefits:

1. Good Income


Canadian immigrants who have 40 credit points can benefit from different social security advantages and this effort could be equated to ten years or forty quarters of effort. Canadian residents can get good jobs that pay high incomes for them to cater to their needs. When you are Canadian residents you will enjoy diverse social benefits such as disability benefits, retirement payments, survivor benefits for deceased employees, etc.

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However, if you happen to be an immigrant with 40 credit points, you can benefit from different social security advantages. This is the more reason immigrants with temporary residency are fighting hard to get permanent residency visas for them to work in Canadian organizations that offer high payments.

2. Universal Health Care:

What is the essence of life without quality healthcare? The Canadian government has made it easier for both Canadian citizens and permanent residents eligible to apply for government healthcare insurance. Health insurance makes it possible for you to get medical attention for free. 

Each of these Canadian provinces has a health plan for its citizens that covers services and products. It is advisable to understand what each program entails to have an idea of the things that comes with it. You will obtain a healthcare card whenever a province or state accepts you into their healthcare system. When once you have the healthcare insurance card, you are eligible to get medical treatment for free.

3. Good Standard of Living:

In the better life index of the world, Canada is doing fine in diverse categories compared to other Tier 1 countries in the world. Canada performs well in areas like education, employment, health, security, environmental protection, social ties, etc. These ratings are gotten from approved data.

Money is one of the essential tools to improve one level of living. For instance, the average net-adjusted disposable income per capita in the country is USD 34,422 annually, and it is higher than the OECD average of USD 30,490 each year.

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4. Child Tax Benefits:

In Canada, they have Canada Child Benefit set by the government to help Canadian families to raise their children. The organization offers a tax-free payout to qualifying families with kids under 18 years and above. The Canada Child Benefit could include Child Disability Benefit and it is added to any child benefits at the municipal or provincial level. It is a free payment, but when they overpay you, then you have to refund some of the amounts or some deductions will be made in your next payment.

5. Booming Economic Sector:

The country can boast of a flourishing economy and it is considered one of the biggest countries with high GDP. It is one of the reasons why they employ foreigners from various parts of the globe. In Canada, different provinces have their specialties. For instance, Nova Scotia is popular for service sector professionals and this makes them provides thousands of opportunities to immigrants.

British Columbia, a province that centers on resource extraction, manufacturing, and information technology has a growing economic sector offering high wages to its workers. Alberta has a stronghold on information technology and it is the best place for IT professionals wanting to migrate to Canada.


In this article, we have seen the diverse benefits of a Canadian permanent resident visa. Therefore, you can migrate to Canada using any program that you have the right criteria and suit your purpose of traveling there. It is advisable to make thorough findings before embarking on any Canadian immigration. 

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