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5 Jobs in Australia for Foreigners without Experience

by Richard .

Finding Australian foreign jobs is a golden opportunity for those wanting to make something big out of their skills. With a little attention to the market demand and needs of the country, you can easily get a job in Australia.
One of the main reasons for working in Australia is comparatively easier than working in other countries is its workers’ short, According to experts, Australia is most likely to face a “severe labor shortage” over the next decade. To address this issue, the government of Australia is working on making its immigration policy highly flexible.

Top Skills in Demand for foreigners

  • Technology: Full-stack development and data science lead the way in terms of top jobs in demand for highly specialized workers. According to Indeed Australia’s managing director, Ricky Fritsch, the newly released data has only confirmed that data science has expanded the IT domain for more experts in this and allied areas.
  • Health and Wellness: Demand for specialized skills are highly prominent in the rural regions of Australia. Nurses having experience in oncology, maternity care, primary care, and clinical need are also required in a large number. Furthermore, there is an expanding niche for wellbeing managers, as modern workplaces become increasingly stressful for employees to effectively cope.
  • Construction: The Australian construction and trade sector has pushed demand for a variety of skills including lead carpenter and electrical foreman remaining at the forefront.
  • Accounts and Finance: Finance, accounts, and commerce is a well-paying industrial sector. These will always thrive due to Australia’s robust banking system.

Jobs in Australia for foreigners with visa sponsorship

  1. CONSTRUCTION” Australia is currently hitting a positive upturn in its housing market, leading to a high demand for construction workers to build new houses. This makes construction an excellent industry for overseas workers. You can find more here:


  1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Australia is looking for network professionals, programmers and project managers and database administrators/developers. However, you’ll need a Bachelor’s Degree in order to enter this field.


  1. SKILLED TRADE: Much like plumbers, migrants seeking work as electricians, mechanics and chefs are in high demand in Australia. These positions require flexibility, dexterity and on the job training. Usually, you’ll need an apprenticeship to enter a trade – take a look:


  1. NURSING: Registered nurses and midwifes are in short supply in Australia. This is a popular position for many migrant workers – particularly from the Philippines. Nurses with unrecognized overseas qualifications usually have to undergo some form of bridging course. You can find out more here:


  1. ARCHITECTURE: With an increase in demand for construction and housing comes an increase in demand for architects. In order to legally identify as an architect through the Architect Accreditation Council of Australia and you’ll need an overseas qualification in architecture. You can find more here:



If you’re looking to immigrate and find a job in Australia, you’ll want to market yourself in an area with plenty of demand. In order to help you, we’ve compiled a list of 15 high-demand jobs in Australia for foreign workers!

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