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Best Job Sites in Canada for Immigrants

by Richard .

The task of finding a job in Canada from overseas can be daunting. Firstly, you have to determine whether the employer has a positive labor market impact assessment (LMIA) and then only can you apply for a work permit. You may need to adapt your resume and dive deep into the labor market needs of Canada to narrow down where your skills are in-demand.


  1. Don’t Rule Out Rural Areas

Search for jobs in Canada where the competition is low and jobs are plenty like in the maritime regions and other remote areas. Not only are there greater labor shortages in these parts but they have their own immigration pilots aimed at attracting foreign workers.

  1. Enlist Professional Help

When looking for a job overseas, you need all the help you can get. A headhunter, recruitment agency, or career counselor knows more about the Canadian job market than you do. They have local connections and understand the legal requirements of international work, global mobility, and relocation.

  1.  Apply with a Canadian Style Resume

You’re sending your resume out to a new audience which naturally means you need to adapt it to that audience’s preferences. A Canadian style resume is key to finding and securing a job in Canada. Your resume should be translated into English or French and your cover letter should be customized to every job you apply for.

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1. Indeed Canada

Indeed Canada

Indeed is the most popular job site in the world. The site attracts thousands of employers in Canada but more importantly, Indeed is a job aggregator, this means it pulls jobs from career sites and classified listings and displays them on its own site.


2. Workopolis

Workopolis is one of the oldest and most well-known Canadian job sites. The job site has a foreign worker search section that displays jobs aimed at workers outside of Canada. Here you can find jobs for live-in caregivers, farmworkers, cashiers, and plenty of other in-demand occupations throughout Canada. 


3. Monster Canada

Monster Canada is one of the more advanced job platforms used throughout Canada. The platform comes complete with a job fit scoring system that shows which jobs are most relevant to your skills and interest. 


4. eJobbo

eJobbo is a new Canadian job platform with a growing database of employers and recruiters. The platform has a few unique features such as a smart matching system that works intelligently to only show jobs that are most compatible with your skills, experience, education, and other important criteria.


5. Canadian Job Bank

The Canadian Job Bank is one of the best sites to find a job in Canada, especially if you are an Express Entry applicant. Employers in Canada who want to support a foreign worker’s permanent residency application are encouraged to recruit foreign workers through the Job Bank

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Nothing good ever comes easy. Don’t be caught by surprise if it’s been a few weeks or months without any job offers. Navigating your way overseas is a difficult task no matter how many top job sites you apply through or how aesthetically appealing your resume is. The good news is that it’s not impossible and it has been done a thousand times! The trick is to stay positive and keep your effort level consistent.

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