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Canada Student Visa – Application Process

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The number of applicants trying to obtain a Canadian student visa is growing every year due to the various benefits attached to it. There are lots of processes involves before you could get your Canadian student visa, and it is essential to know the relevant documents required to process it. 

Canada Student Visa - Application Process


However, there is no fixed time frame for processing a study visa, but it is best to commence the application process on time to avoid any delay. The purpose of this content is to cut down the hassle you are likely to face towards your Canada student visa journey.

What is a Canada Student Visa?

A Canadian student visa is a study visa issued to international students to enroll in any Canadian institution. Without this visa, you won’t have the right to study in Canada because it is regarded as a non-immigrant visa that allows the student to study their dream course in any Canadian institution.

A student visa can be called a study permit that allows international students to enroll in any course at a designated learning institution. Many students who are conversant with this study visa are seeking the perfect way to ensure they enjoy world-class education in Canada.

Reasons to Study in Canada

There are lots of reasons to study in Canada, and they are:

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1. Affordable Tuition Fee:

In terms of tuition fee, their fee is more affordable compared to countries like the United Kingdom and the U.S. If you are from a poor background, you will find it easier studying in Canadian Universities because of their cheap tuition fee.


2. Healthy Communities:

Canada is amongst the top five safest countries in the world, and it is as acted as a motivating factor for international students to relocate from their country. They have lots of security officers to ensure life and properties are safe. 

3. Research Opportunities:

Their universities have numerous research facilities that enable students to research different fields such as health, medical, sciences, etc. Therefore, if your course is science-related, you can study in Canada.

4. Job Employment:

There are part-time jobs for students searching for extra funds to meet other expenses such as accommodation, feeding, transportation, medical bills, and many others. On the other hand, students can work full time during their semester breaks or holidays. 

Steps in Getting Canadian Visa

1. Research Various Options:

Before you select the institution, you need to choose your course, where you will live, different opportunities, feeding, etc.

2. Choose Institution:

You need to choose a university that offers your course and also matches your educational requirements to rest assured you are eligible for it.

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3. Prepare for Entrance Examination:

There are different language tests you can write such as IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, etc. The test you will write lies on the university requirements. It is best to register earlier for you to prepare well for it.

4. Finance your Studies:

Having funds is one of the required criteria to get a Canada student visa because you will have to pay for your accommodation, travel, feeding, etc, and you could get your funds either through savings, scholarship, or educational loans.

5. Apply to University:

Your application should be sent to the university directly, and you have to cross-check their admission requirements and submit the application before the deadline.

6. Confirm Admission:

When you are admitted into any of the Canadian universities, you will be given acceptance letters from the school you have applied to, and you will make a non-refundable deposit payment to the school for admission confirmation.

7. Get Canada Student Visa:

After you have gotten your admission, you can apply for a student visa.


A Canadian student visa is necessary for a student who wants to school in the country. There are required documents for the visa application, and you must endeavor to meet them. Also, the Canadian consulate is ready to give you a helping hand when you are confused.

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