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How to Apply for Canada PR Visa in 2022

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Many individuals are dreaming of migrating to Canada to enjoy free healthcare, high-quality education, a good standard of living, etc. The Canadian government wants to employ 200,000 immigrants every year from various parts of the globe. As a result, Canada is the ideal dreamland for many foreigners wanting to gain get Canada PR Visa. 

Why is Canada a top choice for Immigrants?  

Canada has a good infrastructure and robust economy for immigrants hoping to start businesses. Presently, it is placed as the 16th highest nominal per capita income in the world. Also, it is the 12th ranking on Human Development Index. The country relies on its natural resources and international trade with other countries.


The country has the highest number of lakes compared to all the entire lakes in the world. Tourists who love exploration consider the country as their resting place to gain maximum fun. The country is recognized for taking care of its citizens. The Canadian government offers Social Welfare Program to their citizens searching for healthcare, education, insurance, etc. As a result of these numerous benefits, many people are applying for Canada PR Visa.

What Are the Required Documents for a Canada Visa?

These are the documents you will need to possess:

  • Your passport:

A valid passport and any other travel document. When you want to apply for any Canadian visa, you will need photocopies of your passport including details like passport number, place of birth, date of birth, name, photo, date issued, and expiry date.

  • Proof of Canadian Payment:

You will have to pay the fees and attach the receipts to your completed application form. Your purpose for migrating to Canada determines the fee you will have to pay. The fee comes in two different types: Biometric and application fees.

  • Proof of Financial means:
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You will have to show proof that you are capable of supporting yourself and anyone that is coming with you to Canada. You can use these documents as proof such as bank statements, letters of employment, income statement, and financial statement.

  • Proof to Return After Your Visa Expiration:

You need proof to show the Canadian immigration officers that you are willing to travel to your home country after your visa expiration. It could be documents like proof of employment, properties, family ties, etc.

  • Identity and Civil Status Documents:

It is important to attach photocopies of identity civil status documents to your Canada Visa application like marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates, etc. In some cases, you might be demanded to offer a National ID or any identification means, then you will need to contact the visa office in your home country.

How to Apply for Canada PR Visa in 2022

Step ​1. Finding your NOC (National Occupational Classification):

To be eligible for National Occupational Classification, you will need to check whether your work experience is defined by the National Occupational System. NOC is the official resource that the Canadian government organization use regarding job or occupational information. It implies they offer a standard structure for carrying out analysis and gathering over 500 NOC codes. 

Step 2. Acquiring Educational Credential Assessment (ECA):

If your certificate or degree isn’t from Canada, it is advisable to obtain an Educational Credential Assessment. The essence of this credential is to check the Canadian equivalency of any foreign diploma, certificate, or degree. For instance, the Educational Credential Assessment will be determining factor if an applicant’s foreign Master’s degree is the same when compared as the Canadian Master’s degree program. Whereby, your degree is awarded by a Canadian educational organization, then you don’t need an ECA.

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Step 3: Writing English or French Test:

It is important to have a good score on your language proficiency test. The language test is one of the required eligibilities for the three types of Express Entry Program – Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class. You can have a high CRS point based on your score on the English and French Language tests.

Step 4. Check the Eligibility for Express Entry Program:

Before you can apply for the Express Entry Program, you will need to possess some criteria for one of the three programs. It is advisable to check the eligibility requirements you need to have for the three Express Entry Programs

Step 5. Calculate Comprehensive Ranking System Score:

It is better to know the process involved in calculating the Comprehensive Ranking System Score. It is with this score you can use in ranking within the Express Entry Pool. Also, you can get your language test score and Educational Credential Assessment results to estimate a CRS score.

Step 6. Getting the Express Entry Pool:

After you have written your language test, and obtained your Educational Credential Assessment, if the credential is not in tune with the Canadian standard, you will use the come to Canada tool to verify your eligibility. After this, you can generate an Express Entry Profile to acquire the applicants’ pool. You can use two processes to get into the Express Entry Pool either through the Come to Canada tool to check your eligibility for a personal reference code or generate a GCKey account and profile to enter the pool.

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Step 7. Getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA):

If your CRS point is high, you will obtain an Invitation to Apply and you have a maximum of 60 days to complete the forms and submit your documents. The Invitation to Apply is given to lucky applicants in the Express Entry Pool whose CRS score is higher than the cut-off threshold score in the draw. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada send the letter to the Correspondence section of the Express Entry profile.

Step 8. Document Checklist: Basic Tips and Advice:

After getting your Invitation to Apply, you will have to upload your supporting documents. It is preferable to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. It is during the post invitation to apply you will upload scanned copies of your documents.

Step 9. Acknowledgment of Receipt to Passeport Request:

After your document submission, you will learn the process of application approval and different updates to give you an idea of your application. You will upload all the required documents then you will get to pages on Declaration, Disclosure, and Electronic Signature. Here, on the Electronic pages, you will see the amount of fee to pay by using your credit card.

Step 10. Making Preparation to Land in Canada:

The next thing is to start preparing to land in Canada by checking information about the country regarding healthcare, education, accommodation, etc. These resources will prepare you with the right resources to acquaint yourself with the Canadian lifestyle.


Canada preparation is something that requires you to be meticulous to avoid mistakes. You can read this article and get forehead information on everything you need to know when applying for a Canada PR visa in 2022.

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