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How to Obtain UK Permanent Residence

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The Permanent Residence (PR) visa which can also be called an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa is what grants an immigrant without the right of abode the status of stay.  This means that an individual who has this status has the right to live and work in the united in that country indefinitely also having no immigration limitations on your work or business.

The permanent residence visa is usually given to persons living in the United Kingdom who has a valid visa for at least 5 years and is interested in furthering their stay for longer and in some cases for an indefinite period of time.  This permit is also commonly requested if the applicant gets married to a UK citizen and is expecting to remain in the UK in the long run.


Permanent resident status in the UK provides any person with a valid work visa or student visa to stay in the UK indefinitely. Applications can be submitted online whereby the application form is downloaded and then filled with the correct and verified details in all required fields.

It is also mandatory that a copy of the applicant’s passport, their biometric information, and documents that support the given information be attached along with the downloaded form before submission.

Things to keep in mind for your UK permanent residency

It is important to note that although it is called permanent residency, there are some conditions that you are required to adhere to otherwise, it may not be permanent.

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One of those conditions is that spending more than 2 years outside the UK will make you lose your permanency residency status and when this happens you have to reapply for it afresh. Hence, when applying for a permanent residence visa you have to be aware that it lapses/expires by when you are continuously outside of the United Kingdom for 2 years.

Secondly, committing any criminal offenses that might lead to deportation, may cause you to lose your right to stay in the United Kingdom as a permanent resident.

Your permanent residency applications could also be affected if your social media handle does not pass the immigration systems fairness test as immigration officers could verify the information you provide on the basis of collected data from your social media accounts.


What makes you eligible for the permanent residency status?

The methods for applying for Permanent Residence UK for non-European citizens should only be undertaken and be reasonably straightforward if you the individual have lived in the UK for a set number of years, legally or otherwise.

The list below shows you the time length required in the UK on various visa kinds to be able to apply for the PR or indefinite leave to remain (ILR) visa:

  • As a married or unmarried partner to UK citizen: 2 years
  • Staying lawfully in the UK on any basis (long stay): 10 years
  • Unlawful stay in the UK: 14 years
  • Tier 1 /Tier 2 work permit: 5 years
  • Staying in the UK as an investor, sportsperson, owner of a business, artisan: 5 years
  • Ancestry: 5 years
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Note that the application form comes in 2 forms so you have to ensure that you choose the correct form that applies to your personal situation.

UK Permanent Residence

We have the Set (M) form which applies to you if you live in the UK as an immigrant in any of the categories mentioned above and the documents required are listed below

  • Your current payslips
  • Statements of your bank account
  • Tax letters from your council
  • Proof of address (like rent or lease contract etc.)
  • A proof that supports the calculation of your disclosed other source of income (if any).
  • An appointment letter from your employer on the company’s letterhead with signatory authority stamp
  • In case you are a business owner, appropriate materials with regards to the registration of your business address and relevant valid permits should be provided etc.

The other type of application is the Set (O) application form and this applies to you if you are the partner of a United Kingdom citizen or the parent of a child that is fully settled in the United Kingdom.

Documents required for your UK permanent residency:

As proof of your legal relationship status your partner or child:

  • Marriage or Certificate of birth (as the case may be).
  • Documented Photo/ video proof with the said settled family member.

Then after the submission of your application, keep in mind that it takes about  6 months of processing duration for permanent residency applications made in the UK in most cases. It also would not be a strange occurrence if your application exceeds this time limit.

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A processing fee is required in this application process and, and as of the time of writing, the fee is £2389 if you are applying by post. It cost more if you choose to make your application in person but the benefit of an in-person application is that you get to receive a decision on the day and will not have to wait for the 6 months for your request to be processed.


Today the United Kingdom is a pretty popular destination for a better life because it offers a great way to harness your potential while also enjoying a dynamic new culture. These are amongst some of the reasons that make it one of the best choices for pursuing higher education as it also promises a student-friendly environment.

Having a UK permanent resident visa definitely provides a lasting solution to avoid repeating paperwork and makes you free from the hassle of renewing your visas to support a legal stay. It is gives you the assurance that your presence in the UK is formally approved by the immigration system hence giving you a better platform for further continuance of your studies, conducting business or working in the United Kingdom without the awareness or pressure of deadline for your departure

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