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How to Stay Motivated During an Exam Season

by Richard .

It is pretty hard to deny that the closer the examination period, the higher the levels of anxiety and pressure leading to a real strain on both your mental and physical state hence staying motivated during the exam period can be a real challenge in most cases. It is not as easy to feel excited at the thought that you will be taking up exams, but there are some few ways you can help yourself in relieving the pressure and assist yourself in going through the phase if you are really willing to do so.

With that being said, listed below are some really good tips to help you stay motivated while the examination phase kicks in.


Get Your Study Area Organized

 Organizing your study area is a much-needed arrangement to prevent distraction when you revise. It would be a great help if you can find a spacious and comfortable study area with every necessary study material such as your notebook(s), textbooks, research materials, a bottle of water, down to your writing items. Trust me, settling in won’t be much trouble anymore once the study area is organized and neat. Having some music play in the background of your study could also help do the trick, but if you are the type that concentrates better in complete silence, then make sure that there are no distracting sounds. The important thing to bear in mind when organizing your study area is to choose what works best for you in remaining focused while studying.

Keep On Top by Staying Organized

Getting your study area organized is one thing, getting yourself to stay organized is another. It helps to break the work you have to do down into manageable chunks will help in preventing that feeling of being overwhelmed. Looking at the bigger picture can make things seem like a never-ending task so it will pay off if you make lists, plans or charts to help organize your remaining work. After all, there’s there is a great feeling that comes with crossing out an item on your to-do list.

Do Away With Distractions

This line of action might seem like a no-brainer but quite a lot of people pay little notice to this when studying for their examinations, some students will be focused one second but the other they are back to social media platforms. To help yourself handle this challenge, try writing down all the distractions you may feel would bother you when studying and do your best to get rid of them. For example, you could try deleting all the games on your computer or tablet, mute group chats, put the phone in flight mode for the most part of the day or keep the internet access at a limited use/off.

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Get a Change of Scenery

Even though it might seem not as easy some of the time, perhaps on a particularly sunny day, or at the weekend, you could try taking your revision outside. But if you are the type that does not fancy studying outside in the bright light, even just a walk to a café, library or study space in the sunshine can help to lift your mood and motivate you.

Think Positively

Regardless of the pressure and the stress, you might be experiencing; it is important to remain positive. The people who always win the race are those whose minds are tuned towards positivity. It is one trait you need to embrace as a student. It might sound cliché but try your best not to underestimate it. Remember, positivity breeds positivity.  

Set Some Goals

Starting your study with no ambitions or goals is like going on a journey without a destination in mind. In which case, motivation will easily be lost. No matter how huge or little set some goals for yourself. They will give you the much needed mentality to remain focused so as to achieve your goal even if it is about gaining knowledge on a particular topic by a set time or scoring a higher grade on your favorite subject.


Keep Your End-Goal in Mind

It’s easy to feel unmotivated by the amount of work and revision that needs doing at the moment but having your ambitions at the forefront of your mind is important. Whether it is because you need to get a specific grade to get into a certain organization or even if it is about fulfilling a personal ambition, make sure that you bear in mind what you’re aiming for and why, so that your revision focuses on more than just about that that examination that is causing you to worry. Put yourself back on track by remembering what you are aiming to obtain.

Get a Study Buddy

Nothing is more motivating than another person. Studying with a friend or a group of people can greatly boost your drive both before and during your exams. Study buddies can also help with knowledge on new ways to achieve your goals and improve upon what you have learnt.

Setting weekly targets with your study partners and quizzing each other while you learn is one way to also keep the fun going in the process.

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Study with the Right Friends:

Making studying into a social activity can help make it seem like less of a chore. Getting people together to work can therefore be of great motivation as they can also help keep you in line and on schedule.

The tricky part here is finding the right friends to study with so you have to be honest with yourself about how well you work with someone, and politely explain that there are certain people would end up being a distraction to you at the end of the day. A true friend will understand.

Study in a Group

Along with having your study hours with the right friends, doing so with a group is also a great move if you might feel that you are starting to get stranded. Of course, finding the right students to be part of the study group is important. A group of four students is a perfect number to have in a study group and more than will likely lead to distractions along the way. Studying in a group not only promises to be fun but also gives a sense of being accountable to every group member. Some of the best benefits that can be obtained from studying in a group include commit to break certain habits, comparing study notes with one another so as to figure out the best points and a more comprehensive explanation by another group member of a subject you were finding it difficult to understand initially.

Use What Works

This method simply encourages you to work smarter, not harder. Go over what you’ve done so far in your studying and revision methods and assess what worked best.

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Take Care of Yourself

Taking good care of yourself as a living thing cannot be overemphasized. Exam season can become an excuse to let everything else go, but making sure you keep up with exercise, eating healthily, getting enough sleep and maintaining self-care are all essential to staying motivated. This point is quite important to bear in mind or you risk having problems with your body system in future.

Give Yourself Breaks

 As tempting as it is to cram, try to live by the motto ‘little and often’ when it comes to revision. One of the things that might help to focus in short bursts are apps that allows you to block access to certain websites for certain periods of time. If you can maintain focus for that period  and then take a short break in between intense study hours, not only will you feel like you’re giving yourself a little reward for your work done, but you will also be giving your brain a much needed rest time which is really useful in helping you to retain and recall exam information more easily.

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Some few minutes of exercising will greatly benefit both your mind and health as it is a great way to get rid of the built in stress and tension brought upon your body system by long hours of studying. The release of endorphins induced by exercising aids your concentration, mood, and mental strength and better sleep. Try giving yourself about 15 minutes of daily during your exam days if and when you can.

Don’t Start Celebrating Too Early

One of the trickiest things about an examination season is the fact you and your friends will likely finish at different times, which can mean friends start spending late nights celebrating while you still have one or two more examinations to prepare for.

As unfair as it may look, do not begin your celebrations until your final paper has been written or examinations are over. Try your best to keep a distance from your post-exam colleagues or friends and stay focused on your studies. If you’ve managed to keep yourself from partying for this long, a few more days can’t be so hard if you are willing.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes the best motivation is the reward you give yourself. In the lead up to your exams, making use of use small incentives such as free time, visits to your friends or an hour with a book that is not related to your studies to keep yourself motivated. Make sure you give yourself a befitting reward also when you are done with your exams, something that is equal to your feeling of achievement. However way you look at it, big or small rewards will help you stay motivated in most cases as long you don’t go overboard hence end up distracting yourself with them.


If you don’t want the hours you spend in preparing for your examinations to be in vain, you will need to keep yourself up and going from the start of your studying, right up until the last minute of the last exam. This might seem like an insurmountable thing, but fortunately, the key to staying encouraged throughout the exam period is not a 24/7 kind of studying but everything else that you do while studying in order to keep the facts still intact.

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