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The Knight-Hennessey Scholars

by Richard .

The knight-Hennessey scholars is an international program for graduate level-entry students to study at Stanford University, the program makes you ready to take on leadership roles and finding the perfect solution to complex global issues, it also builds and supports highly educated and well-engaged graduate students.

The important qualities used to interview the applicants are going to be mentioned in this article, the program received 6,171 applications this year, and the program is designed to effect positive changes in scholars and the world in general. The study and contributions help expand the positive effect and impact on the number of people around the world.


 It is a fully-funded scholarship degree program that covers the following;

  • Living and academic expenses
  • Academic supplies and stationaries
  • Transportation
  • Personal expenses
  • A travel grant

What makes you eligible for this opportunity?

  1. You must be enrolled as a full time student in Stanford University for their graduate- degree program.
  2. You must havea bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in the US.
  3. You have to be a citizen of theUnited States.

Qualities that makes you stand out for this program;

  • exhibit mental sharpness and intellectual ability
  • pursues knowledge and new experiences
  • springs up original ideas
  • good sense of ambiguity
  • Can hold a dissenting point of view
  • Determined to serve a better world
  • Motivated to improve self and others
  • A team player
  • High level of tolerance and adaptability
  • Tenacious and resilient
  • welcomes difference
  • supportive
  • accountable
  • humble and kind to others
  • open minded
  • curious
  • bold and eager
  • ethical
  • decisive
  • empathic
  • Trust worthy.
NEWEST UPDATE  2023 for study in Korea Scholarships for International Students through Global Korea

All these are criteria that enable you to be selected as a finalist in the program. To be chosen for the scholarship, you must apply to the knight-Hennessey scholar’s program and the graduate degree program at Stanford separately.


It is hard getting into the program as you judge from those numbers, if you have plans of getting a scholarship then this is the time for you to step up and be more active in your life and that of those around you to increase your chances of getting into the program. Knight Hennessy Scholars is the most fully endowed graduate program in the world. In a year, up to 100 focused and well driven students across Stanford’s graduate programs will be granted full funding for tuition, accommodation and board, books and supplies, health insurance, a stipend, and more. 

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