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22 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Toronto

by Richard .

Are you a touring enthusiast, and you always get stuck on what to do whenever you travel? Or you’ve even visited Toronto, and you are unsure which tourist attractions to visit and the things to do in Toronto? I understand how you feel, and I have once been in your shoes.

I was even bored, and everywhere seemed monotonous to me; I began to worry that I had wasted money, and I couldn’t just continue sleeping in my hotel and waking up every morning, eating, taking my bath, go out of the balcony and watch.


I got tired of all these, which led me into the town on a good day, and I found different recreational places to spend my time, even though it took me hours to find them each day.

So, worry no more; I have put together every tourist centre I found on my outing each day and what to do in the various attractions center in this blog post. Hence, be rest assured, as there are many recreational activities and things to see in Toronto.

Let’s begin with the list without any further ado!

Museum of Illusions

[URIS id=1868]

Are you considering visiting Toronto? Then try all possible best to visit this place, as it is my number one favorite.

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CN Tower

[URIS id=1874]

Apart from Heights Restaurant and Edgwalk, the CN Tower is the most recognizable symbol of Toronto, also my second favorite.


Hockey Hall of Fame

[URIS id=1879]

It is topping the Toronto tourist attractions list. It is a must-visit for any hockey fan. 

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

[URIS id=1884]

The Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is among the best places in Toronto; if you want to visit Toronto, check it out upon arrival.

Casa Loma

[URIS id=1892]

Here is another perfect place to see. It’s among the most famous attractions in Toronto, Canada. 

Distillery District

[URIS id=1900]

It is located in downtown Toronto, Canada. It’s a national historical icon—a great place to visit, too.

Bata Shoe Museum

[URIS id=1905]

Even though not my favourite, I find it hard to miss visiting this museum. You should check it out also!

Royals Ontario Museum

[URIS id=1912]

As soon as I arrive, I always begin my tour with the Royals Ontario Museum (ROM), built neoclassically.

St. Lawrence Market

[URIS id=1921]

Another great place for shopping, you’ll love to visit here, too.

Toronto Islands

[URIS id=1928]

The Toronto Islands is coined from small islands in Lake Ontario and became a part of the city of Toronto.

Art Gallery of Ontario

[URIS id=1937]

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Also one of the must-see places in Toronto. It is highly recommended.

Kensington Market

[URIS id=1946]

Kensington Market is another market spot, a great way to start your shopping also.

Toronto Eaton Centre

[URIS id=1954]

Among the world’s coolest tourist destinations is the Eaton Center.

Niagara falls

Niagara Falls is another must-see whenever you visit Toronto.

Rogers Centre 

Another topping attraction center in Toronto, Canada.

High Park

It’s no news that High Park is one of the topping favorites of travelers and the city’s most visited park.

Fort York National Historic Site

The Fort York National Historic Site is one of the few locations that would highlight Toronto and Canada. 

Black Creek Pioneer Village

The complete historic village of Toronto, Canada.  

Harbourfront Centre

One of the most famous Toronto attractions centers at the waterfront — lively and colorful.

Entertainment District

It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto. So, it’s going to be great going there to see how old-fashioned things look like. 

Toronto Zoo

It’s located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. After the CN Tower, Toronto Zoo is the second largest place in the city.

Nathan Phillips Square

A public square is situated at the southeast corner of City Hall in Downtown Toronto, Canada.

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Happy now, right? I’m sure! Well, I felt beyond happy when I found them out as well. I beneficially spent my time, and I never worried about coming to Toronto every time I got the chance.

More especially the number one and two, I enjoyed my activities there and would always want to be there again and again. I’m very confident that if you follow my recommendations, you’ll smile at last.

I called my friends to meet me in some of the places I have mentioned in this article to avoid missing out on such an exciting moment. Some did come, while some couldn’t. I had a great time there on my second visit with my family, too. I could keep going on and on! Would you mind sharing this with your friends, business partners or family who would love to visit Toronto anytime soon?

Thank you.

Remember, sharing is caring.

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