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What not to Bring to College: Don’t Make These 8 Packing Mistakes

by Richard .

Are you making preparation to go back to college, but you have a double mind on the things to carry and what not to carry there? Some items will not be conducive for college rooms, and it might seem like one of the challenging things during packing for college. However, the truth is arranging your college room requires you to get things that will provide your room space.

However, there is no specific format for arranging rooms, but the crucial thing is acquiring items that will be invaluable for you throughout your study. Freshers are fond of making several mistakes, but there will be adjustments after going through this content. Let’s see things that are irrelevant to a college dorm.


What Not to Bring to College: 8 Things you Don’t Need

1. Unwanted Debt:

Debt is not visible to the naked eyes, but some students might have borrowed money from their friends, acquired loans, credit cards, etc., for their tuition fees or other school-related fees. They can carry this debt with them for many years if they don’t payback. Therefore, having debt is not suitable for any student trying to achieve financial success in the future.

If you can set up your college room using within a minimum budget, it will help you stay away from extravagant expenses. It is why it is advisable to have different financial aid options. A scholarship is another way to live in colleges without paying tuition and other fees. 

2. Furniture:

You will find a desk, chair, and bed in a dormitory or college room. These are the essential items you will get to see there. In some rooms, you might find a wardrobe or inbuilt drawers. Some students might want to go as far as buying a sofa, a bedside table, a center table, etc. It is a good idea, but it will reduce the amount of space inside the room.

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For instance, if you have a room with the necessary items – bed, reading table, and chair. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy extra furniture because it will cost you more money. It is preferable keeping the money to solve other basic school needs because the college room might get overrun with furniture.

3. Some Kitchen Appliances:

There is a big reason we use the quantifier ‘some’ because it is not every appliance that can enter the college kitchen. However, fire hazards should linger in your mind preparing money to buy your kitchen appliances, like toasters, hot ovens, indoor grills, etc. These appliances can lead to fire outbreaks in our college rooms.

The best way to get the required kitchen appliances is by reading through dormitory rooms to know the devices not accepted. Students are nonchalant about taking their time to read the school handbook to avoid deviating from the school rooms. If you can have an idea of the things not to pack, it helps you save the stress of carrying unwanted items.


4. Electric Blanket and Space Heater:

In some regions or climes where the weather is icy, students might want to buy electric blankets or space heaters for warmth. On the other hand, these items might not be desired in many colleges because they are prone to fire hazards. Every school wants its students to be safe from danger.

If you want to remain warm, there are thick cardigans or sweaters to buy to regulate your body temperature. Also, head warmers to wear to prevent cold from passing through the ears to the internal body. Again, you can invest your money in buying these clothing materials because the college will accept them.

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5. Candle and Incense:

Any way you want to put it, candles and incense can lead to fire disasters in college dormitories. It is the more reason it is banned to avoid fire scenarios leading to loss of lives and properties. In addition, these items have high tendencies of generating unwanted smoke in an apartment. In many exotic buildings, fire detectors help detect when there is a fire breakout.

Some items can substitute candles and incense, such as oil diffusers or wax warmers. For instance, in a room comprised of four students, there might be students allergic to aromas or fragrances. As a result, it leads to respiratory or breathing problems. Therefore, it is best not to pack them to your college dorm. 

     6. Printers:

Having a printer in a room might help reduce the cost of printing documents like a term paper, research project, assignment, seminars, etc. On the other hand, if you analyze it, this might not be necessary to have in a college room. In addition, this equipment is bulky and will occupy space, leading to minor injuries. 

Some colleges add the cost of printing documents to the tuition fee for students to pay once. The cost of purchasing ink for printing is expensive for some models, and there are cases the machine won’t print out materials. It is better to patronize printing centers in schools to reduce expenses.

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7. Excessive Clothing:

When it involves packing clothes for college, it is not ideal for packing excessive clothing. For example, there are stipulated numbers of dresses students should carry in many college dormitories. Some students might not be pleased with the idea of sticking to a specific range when packing their clothes, but it is what it is.

Students should focus on flexible clothes; they can create versatile opportunities to complement numerous outfits. For example, the layering approach can be a perfect move because outfits fit different weather conditions. The whole idea is to bring clothes that will fit both on and off-season.

8. Many Pairs of Shoes:

It is not a bad idea to have countless pairs of shoes as long as you can afford them. However, there is a problem when students carry large numbers of shoes to colleges; it helps them fit the different modes of dressing. Also, they have a wide range of options to select shoes for classes and casual outfits.

However, there is always a disadvantage because students will need to have adequate space to store their shoes. In every dorm, the shoe space might not be enough to accommodate the number of shoes you will carry to college. It is advisable to get shoes with neutral colors to fit your various fashion outfits.


Packing the right items for college, from clothes to appliances, shouldn’t be a burden because there is a perfect way to checkmate yourself. The only way to ensure you are packing the right thing is to know banned items the college doesn’t accept. 

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