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What Not to Write About in Your College Application Essay

by Richard .

An essay is an integral part of any college application, and a bad essay can ruin your admission into your dream university. In addition, your written essay is the best way to create the right impression on the university. Therefore, it is best to have detailed knowledge on any topic you write to provide relevant information.

At this juncture, you might be eager to know what is a good college application essay; any high school students have this thought in their head because they have big dreams of studying in a tertiary institution. However, before an essay is considered a winning essay, it must capture the interest of the school admission officers, and it could increase the chances of you getting admission.


Here are things Not to Write About in Your College Application Essay:

1. Controversial Topics:

We have topics that can spark controversies, and it is better to avoid them. Sensitive topics shouldn’t be a topic you have to write about because it can ignite disagreement in another person reading your essay and might not be aligned with your perspective. Your ideas or premise might be on point, but your chances of admission will be very slim. If you want to write a topic you love, it shouldn’t be a sensitive topic.

2. High Personal Topics:

It is one of the topics not to write about in your college application essay. For instance, it is not advisable to write an essay revealing in-depth details on injuries, health issues, disability, etc. Don’t be tempted to write this topic showing the reader your personal experience and how you overcame the challenges. This topic can be something that might be termed sensitive graphics or stories.

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3. Personal Accomplishments:

Your college application essay must have different awards or honors. When writing it, you don’t have to lay more emphasis on them because it could mar your admission. Also, there are admission officers that might see it as bragging. Using your college application essay to show the reader you have a strong pen power showcasing your personality and voice is preferable.

4. Role Model or Favorite Place:

The topic won’t do well in any college application essay. When you have this topic to write about, it will not make you center on the subject because you will skip important information about yourself as a person. The main idea of any essay is to reveal your personality to the school. Therefore, if you want to write on this topic, it is best advised to write on the impact of the place on you.

5. Creative Writing:

Creative writing will make you write your college application essay in a play or poem, and it will hinder your admission into the university. There is no point in trying creative writing because there is no extra point attached. On the other hand, you might want to make your essay exceptional from others; still, it is preferable to stick to a straightforward style. Another way is to make your writing engaging to the readers that they will want to keep reading it.

6. Sports Topics:

It would be best to avoid any sporting topics in your college application essay. There is a high probability for students to select sports topics for their essay, but you should try to avoid it even when you have a clear idea about it. Sports is one of the most familiar topics that will decrease your chances of getting admission into a university. If you need topics to make a difference, don’t choose sports topics.

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7. Humorous Topics:

Topics that trigger senses of humor are not advisable for students to write. You can write a college application essay in an entertaining way for your readers, but it could be highly subjective. There are times jokes are seen as unprofessional or inappropriate. Therefore, you can avoid writing in a sarcastic tone. Your primary concern should be an informative essay about yourself.

8. Tragic Events:

Writing tragic events gives room to explore your personal growth, but it could be challenging to write, especially when you aren’t good at storytelling. At every point of our lives, we might have encountered one form of tragedy or the other. If you want to write about tragic events, it will be better to show the school how the events reshaped your life, and it will help the school know more about your personality.

9. Travel Experience:

Your hobby might be traveling from one place to another, gaining different exposure to life, food, culture, etc. However, it is likely for you to be tempted to write an essay on your vacation. Writing this type of essay won’t allow you to get yourself noticed by the university. However, you can write your essay this way if you want it to stand out by telling how you met someone new and their impact on your life, creating a memorable experience.

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10. Fortune or Privilege:

If you have encountered some form of good fortune in your life during your upbringing, you can write an interesting essay on the privilege that created a positive impact on you. If you write or focus on your life privileges, it could lead to boasting in the reader’s eyes. This topic essay doesn’t reveal critical details about yourself to the school.

11. Negative Area of the School:

Writing topics that will portray the school, you will be applying to in a bad light can decrease your chances into the school. Never consider this topic as something that will make you unique, but it will give a wrong impression. As a result, your college essay application might be screened out. You need to avoid writing negative thoughts about any school; instead, give yourself ample time to write on a topic that will make you stand out.


There is nothing complicated about writing college application essays because if you could stick to this guide, it will guide you from writing things that won’t make your essay accepted. So now you have come across this content, 75% of your work is settled, it is time for you to think of an interesting essay to write in your next college application.

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