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Where to Stay in Tokyo: Best Areas and Hotels

by Richard .

Approximately Tokyo consists of 9.9 million citizens; Tokyo being the Japanese capital, is one of the most famous cities globally, having 23 prefectures called special wards. Hence, making it quite challenging to search for a place to stay in such a large city. Well, worry less, with this post, I have made it possible; I have helped you done all the work.

Off recent, I visited the metropolis and explored it as best as I could. While I was there, I found some interesting facts that might help you choose a place to stay in Tokyo.

Where to Stay in Tokyo Best Areas and Hotels

Tokyo welcomes everyone. The city indicates a popular culture, architectural wonders of the future, delicious delicacies, the weirdest fashion trends, and shimmering neon lights;

Not only does Tokyo offer a glimpse into the future but also the past. Tokyo’s eastern part has remained relatively unchanged for the past decades. You’ll find beautiful temples that have been existing 100 years back, traditional restaurants, quiet and tidy streets in the city.

Does the big city life interest you? Then Tokyo western part is more worthwhile, where huge happening takes place, such as shopping centers, cinemas, and night-long parties and accommodations are a bit expensive here.

Where’s The Best Place To Stay In Tokyo?

I’ve put together in this blog post a total of seven exciting vicinities to stay in Tokyo.

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Apart from Asakusa and Roppongi, every vicinity is located along the JR Yamanote Line. I’ve listed them in numbers order below.

7 Neighbourhoods to Stay In Tokyo

I highly recommend these seven based on my experience.

  1. Shibuya
  2. Shinjuku
  3. Ueno
  4. Asakusa
  5. Tokyo Station Area
  6. Ginza
  7. Roppongi

Next are the two hotels I had experience in, hence recommending them.

Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka

Stay in Tokyo Where to Stay in Tokyo: Best Areas and Hotels 

Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka

I spent 8 out of 10 nights in Tokyo at the Super Hotel Lohas Akasaka. The hotel is located in the centre part of the city, an excellent hotel. They provide service that is worth your money, especially during the expensive cherry blossom season.

Drugstores, supermarkets, and other restaurants are less than 10 minutes work from the Super Hotel. It has price categories stated in them when you get there.

Their hotel bed, chair, and the rooms themselves are clean; if you love the 10-square-meter rooms, organize your bags and other items of baggage to fit in. However, like I said earlier, do you love luxury rooms?  Be ready for premium packages.

If you want to get a lot more impressed with how the hotel looks, visit booking.com.

InterContinental Hotel Tokyo Bay

I was treated to a bit more luxury for my last two nights in Tokyo because the InterContinental Hotel Tokyo Bay invited me. Their hotel rooms are large, fully decorated with interior decor, beds are comfortable as well. Generally, the overall view is something you wouldn’t regret seeing.

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I think that’s why the hotel is top-rated among those who travel for extraordinary experiences, new views, perspective, glitz, and glamour, too. Still, if I were going to travel to Japan outside the cherry blossom season, I’d book early enough for 200 euros per night. 

I felt like I was at home here and, I spent hours at the window enjoying the view of the skyline and the Rainbow Bridge. Amazing, right? Lol! Also, where the hotel is located is excellent. It isn’t too far from the metro station, restaurants and supermarkets. It’s a two-minute and 5 minutes walk respectively. 

Hamarikyu Gardens isn’t far from the hotel, too. Also, 20 minutes walk to get to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market.


Those were all our trips to Tokyo and where to stay in Tokyo. I hope this was helpful and makes you feel more confident searching now.

Is Tokyo one of the places you’ve ever been to, and where did you stay? Would you advise others to live there, too?  Please, tell me in the comments section!

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