ZoloUs Review 2020: Is The New Website Legit Or Scam?

What Is ZoloUs?

ZoloUs Review

Is ZoloUs Legit

If you’ve followed my past blog posts, you should know that I write unbiased reviews.

So Today, I’ll be review a new website,, according to what they claim, They are aiming for a sustainable environment, they didn’t mean they’d prevent natural hazards like erosion, LOL.

What the website is claiming is that you should invest in their digital coin known as Hydra or HDA in its short form.

Well, I came across this website when a friend of mine posted it on his Facebook time-line, I saw many people interested in it and neither could I ignore, so I decided to make my personal research and then eventually write the ZoloUs Review.

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I don’t think the website is real….. Why?

After carrying out my backend research on the so called ZoloUs, I decided it’s not real, but why do I think so? You should check the reasons below.

1. It’s New

The website claims to be created in 2019, I am not disputing that fact because it might be true, the domain name was registered in 2019.

But it seems that the website started functioning in August 2020.

Also, their social media pages especially Facebook wasn’t active until August, 2020.

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To add up, anything you search relating ZoloUs will be recently posted articles, dated right in August, 2020!

This is to prove that the website is new.ZoloUs ReviewIs ZoloUs Legit

2. Anonymous Company…??

For me, I doubt if there’s any company that has anything to do with this website.

Although they claim that they have many directors and maybe managers but we’ve not seen a single person who says he/she is associated with the website / company.

The address they left too is considered by me to be fake because I tried to locate them on Google Map but all to no avail, all I found was a school and a café near to the address.

Every company has a contact number, whether a small company or a large one right? But the case is different here, they don’t even have a single contact number.

What are they hiding? Their identity??

3…… Lies Upon Lies!!!

I’ve seen somewhere where the website claims they have thousands of members, Really???

But their social media pages doesn’t reflect that at all.Or Could it be that their members are not on social media(s)?

ZoloUs Review

Is ZoloUs Legit

4. Free HDA Daily? Really??

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Is ZoloUs Legit

According to the website, they said 380HDA is equivalent to $180, which is seemingly true, BUT!

The Funniest part is when you join, you’re gifted with free 380HDA and if you used a referral link to join, you’ll get 500HDA! And you’ll be happy that your total earning summed up to $528 for just joining!

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Another funny story, you’d be given 380HD for free on a daily basis.

Does that look real to you?No! It shouldn’t, Let’s say for example, they have 100000 members, does not mean they’d give all their members $18000000 daily?

Wow, they must be incredibly rich! How come we’ve not heard of them?? Aren’t they supposed to be like some multi-trillionaire company?

Is ZoloUs Legit

5. They are PURE SCAM!

“Invest In Our Crypto Currency, Let’s Have a Sustainable Environment” That’s what they claim, LOL.

The bitter truth is, this website is a SCAM.

Quick Question: How can you invest with them? Can I Pay with My Debit Card??

Nope, the available payment methods are by paying with some CRYPTO CURRENCIES like Bitcoin and ethereum!!! Isn’t that fishy?

They claim you’d be able to fully use their currency and even exchange it with other currencies when their mobile app comes out in October / December, 2020. Seriously??

ZoloUs Review

Is ZoloUs Legit

Is ZoloUs Legit / Real

This is an updated portion of the post

Hydra is a real crypto currency as it is listed on Trust Wallet, but trust me, it doesn’t mean ZoloUs is any way associated with it.

Any one could create a website like that, making HDA to be the default currency that will be gifted daily to members.

Recently, I visited the website again and saw that they’re accepting donation…


Is ZoloUs Legit

ZoloUs Review (ReviewMr’s Verdict)

Well, I took my time to make my research and write this ZoloUs Review and I came to the decision that they’re scam. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF INVESTING IN ‘HDA’.If you invest, you might end up giving away your hard earned money to them.Any website that claims to be giving users $10 daily is mostly pure scam! Don’t waste your time with them.

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Hi, I'm Oladimeji Abubakar, a young Nigerian blogger and writer. I've special interest in making money online just like many other people and this is why I chose the review niche where I'd get to show people the websites to join and the ones not to. I hope my reviews helps😀.


    1. great review about the zolous platform, though I register but I’m still skeptical about there offer which is too good to be true..

      1. Exactly! Well, we’ll see this coming October 🙂

    2. great review about zolous, but I just saw the hydra hda token coin on trust wallet exchange..

      1. HDA might be a true coin but there’s no way ‘ZoloUs’ is real.

        1. only time will tell, people are already flooding in..

          1. Who doesn’t love free money?

            1. 😂

      2. Is it just me?, I feel probably they might me a team of terrible hackers who would use some basic info on people’s bio (those gotten from people who registered with them) to wreak havoc. Like they having some access to crypto wallets or bank accounts… I don’t know just thinking aloud

        1. Really terrible, I don’t think no one should ever fall for that cheap scam.

    3. you’ve been of great help. Please for copyright sake, can I share this?

      1. Yes sir, you’re free

      2. Yes it’s true I believe that zolous is scam

    4. I know right
      The airdrop seems too good to be true, only time will time

    5. I know right
      The airdrop seems too good to be true, only time will tell

      1. Yes🙂

      1. @Stef
        Yeah, I saw that on the site
        But the dollar value is $0.00, so is the value gonna come up by December when they launch the app or what?

    6. I have got nothing to loss, giving it a try

      1. Well,true, you can give it a try but try not to pay anything to them.

    7. That’s True, I Think It’s Pure Scam

      1. It seemingly is.

      2. Well, just giving it a try, beside no one was compiled to pay before registration.
        We are on the same scale.

        1. Yeah, Ikr. But I received a mail from them telling me to donate to the system😂. If you received the same, you should know the meaning.

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      1. my name is oluchi john
        I’m a cctv camera installer (08020968998) but I came accross this platform @zolous„ but as time goes on I start thinking if it’s a scam
        But thanks for the information given to us
        But if u know a legit business that pays pls do well to let us know

    9. There is no pain in trying since its free.i pray it’s real

    10. Your reviews are baseless and not supported by facts or proofs. They are just assumptions.

      1. Really? 🙂

      2. I thought I listed about four reasons why I think it’s fake🙂. Did you read it?

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    13. Just give it a try not with ur money for the fact that is free u got nothing to loose what if it happens to be true tomorrow

    14. I think you are right
      Zolous is a scam
      But there is no harm in trying.
      What site can be save to invest on.
      Any idea…

    15. I thought as much hence my search for their reviews. You’re absolutely correct with your review about Zolous. It’s a pure scam. But their strategy is really working out well in their favour due to the gullibility of many. How can a company that claims to give out free money turn to be seeking for cash donations? And they claim without donating to them one won’t have access to their fake Crypto coins.

      Much thanks for your review Sir.

      1. We think the same way sir!
        I’m glad you find this helpful.

    16. I like what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and exposure!
      Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll.

      Visit my site … LCS Squared

    17. So what’s ther gain, ?
      Since they registering people for free

      1. They’ve started requesting for donations, which many people have already fallen for the trap.

    18. Which other legit website is free too earn and free withdrawal
      Anyone here too tell?

    19. What are the requirement for this website
      and how can someone register

    20. I for all time emailed this blog post page to all my friends, as if like to read it then my contacts will too.

      1. Thanks Sadye

    21. My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

      1. I’m glad you find it helpful. 🙂

        1. Bro they just sent me an email saying I can withdraw withing five days after filling some google form. At the end they required $10 to be paid in ethereum or through PayPal.
          If they are really after sustainable environment why not deduct it from our million hydras?
          They are purely a scam!

          1. Cheap, cheap scam.

    22. Same here. I started filling the form until I got to the National Identity number part. Abeg, I’ll pass. It’s way too fishy.

    23. Nice review bro

      1. Thanks.

    24. This article really helps! They’re now sending a message to you perspective e-mails to complete the withdrawal form. In connection with that you should agree to their Terms and Conditions and asking your personal information. The statements are to fishy. At the end, maybe they’re just Data Collecting and use your Confidential Matters for their own benefit.

      1. Yes, exactly.

    25. They sent me a mail today that I can collect my hydra. After following through, they said I have to pay $10 as processing fee before I can get it.

      My red flag came on when I saw that. So I had to go online to look for articles sitting that they are fraudulent.

      Thank you for this Review.

      1. You’re welcome sir.

    26. Thanks for this analysis. I registered zolous some months ago and now we are asked to pay a network fee of $10 as network fee to be able to get the Hydra.
      Was thinking of how to get the money to pay until I thought about it and make research about it

      1. I’m glad you took your time to make research, you’d have fallen into their trap.

    27. They’re now asking people to pay 10$worth of crypto or PayPal funds to a certain address and send proof to aid complete the transaction

      1. Do not pay them.

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